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Why Choose a Fibreglass Roof?


There are three main materials to choose from when it comes to installing a flat roof, Fibreglass, Rubber membrane and Bitumen. Historically Bitumen was the material of choice, however due to its propensity to leak, need for regular maintenance and poor aesthetics its popularity has waned. Fibreglass and Rubber membrane are now proving a much better option.


While both are aesthetically pleasing, require little maintenance and offer good longevity, a Fibreglass roof will give you the extra benefit of a seamless finish, ability to be molded to more complex shapes and can be finished in a variety of colours.


As well as these advantages a fibreglass roof if installed correctly is weatherproof and extremely damage resistant and gives you the peace of mind where in the unlikely event a repair needs to be made its easily carried out and virtually invisible.

• Extremely durable with long lifespan
• Little to no maintenance
• Wide variety of colours
• Extremely weatherproof

Extremely durable
with little to no



Extremely durable with little to no maintenance

Strong, lightweight and weatherproof with long lifespan, seamless finish and stylish design.



Fibreglass is a material that’s been produced for years, it has the properties and benefits that’ll give you a roof with that all important sleek and stylish finish. But what actually is it?


This reinforced plastic was accidentally discovered in the 1930’s where it was initially used for boat building. As the material developed, by the 1950’s it had gained more and more acceptance into other production sectors.


The strength, lifespan and seamless finish of the product made it apparent that it was the perfect material for a smooth and flush looking roof. The lightweight nature and easy handling of the product means a faster installation combined with the ability to mould to any complex shape and surface.


A fibreglass roofing material allows for the creation of bespoke shapes that’ll fit an array of modern day household designs. With the sheer strength and compressed manufacturing process, a fibreglass material gives you a versatile, weather proof structure that can add an element of stylish design to your home.

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Strong, lightweight and weatherproof with long lifespan, seamless finish and stylish design.



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