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What is a GRP?

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is a material made from polyester resin, which is reinforced by chopped strand mat glass fibres to form a GRP laminate and is effectively the technical name for fibreglass.


What are the benefits of a fibreglass/ GRP roof?

It’s strong, surprisingly light with a modern look. It’s versatile, durable and maintenance free.


How long does it take to install a fibreglass/ GRP roof?

The average garage will take a day to strip, re-board and seal with the GRP product. If fascia and soffits are being replaced this will usually take an additional day. The average 8m by 4m extension would take 2 days.


How long does a roof take to dry?

The new GRP roof will be fully dry within 3 hours of the top coat being applied.


Is there an option to overlay an existing roof?

Yes, we have a product especially designed to be applied on an existing roof. The roof must be surveyed first to make sure it is suitable for the overlay.


Can a fibreglass/ GRP roof be laid as a warm roof?

Yes, fibreglass/ GRP can be used on both a warm and cold roof system.


Can a fibreglass/ GRP roof be used for heavy duty areas such as balconies, walkways, terraces etc?

Yes. There are various non slip finishes available to complete your project.


What is the life expectancy of a fibreglass/GRP roof?

The life expectancy of a fibreglass/ GRP roof (if applied correctly) is over 25 years.


How much does a fibreglass/ GRP roof cost?

Each roof tends to be different so please call Future Tech Roofing on FREEPHONE 0800 334 5458 for a quote. 


What guarantees are available?

Future Tech Roofing offer Insurance backed guarantees on both deposits and insulations for domestic customers.

If you have any questions about the material, installing process or to book a survey call 0800 334 5458 or you can use the contact us link and we will call you.

Building relationships through quality, reliability and great service.



Building relationships through quality, reliability and great service.



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